Rimfire VARMINT Silhouette

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Rimfire Varmint Silhouette

Animals are:  Jackrabbit, coyote, crow, standing ground squirrel

 painted in natural colors, browns, black and grey.

200 yards with a front rest sounds easy, but, those jack rabbits are really small. When they are painted to match the background (like the real things) then you add the afternoon wind, IMPOSSIBLE to hit all 10 of them. The coyotes are small but do-able, almost.  The crows……… just when you have them figured out, the wind changes.. Ground squirrels seem to be a bullet magnet, but you still can’t hit 10 of 10. Come out and see if you can do better. The 7UP can is full size. These varmints are small. Carl Hoke has the course record with 23/40. That is kind of pathetic. We start after the NRA silhouette match on the 4th Saturday of each month about 12:00 noon. 1 hour to get sight settings and then we try to shoot them down. ANY rim fire. FRONT rest only from the bench. Come and try it. You too can be humbled.


1.      Same rules as NRA silhouette for classes

2.      Any rimfire cartridge.  Any 17, 22, 22 magnum w/any sights.

3.      10 silhouettes, in order, in 5 minutes.

4.      200 yards from bench with front rest only.

Cost  $5.00

Winner in class gets his entry fee returned.

The Varmint shoot traditionally followed the NRA Rimfire Silhouette shoots but THAT HAS NOT BEEN DETERMINED FOR 2013 YET.

The NRA Silhouette schedule is as follows:


2013 Shoots

Sat. Jan 26

Sat. Feb 23

Sat. Mar 23

Sat. Apr 27

Sat. May 25

Sat. Jun 22

Sat. Jul 27

Sat. Aug 24

Sat. Sep 28

Sat. Oct 26

Sat. Nov 23